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Free Airtel 3G Default Browser Trick For Android 2017

*. Android with airtel prepaid sim.
*. 3G enabled Sim Card.
1) First activate 3G services on your Airtel Number.
2) After that In your Phone
Go to Settings > more > Access point > New > Fill this
Connection name: Cyber Stream
Access point name :
Username: blank
Password: blank
Port: 80
Connection type : Ipv4
Save Settings & Activate as default access point….
3) Next open, Settings > More > Mobile network and then select Connection type : WCDMA
4) Now in default browser of your phone open this page or any free working homepage.
5) A Proxy page opens, Enter your Url in given box, press enter…
Enter any website which you wish to visit and press go button.
For Android Phones without default browser
Those Android Phones who dont have the default browser can try this after following above Procedure upto step 3 after that follow this:-
5) Now open the Uc Browser and click on Settings as shown below.
6) Click on Cloud acceleration as shown below.
7) Now untick both Mobile Network and Wi-Fi Network.
8) Save the settings.
9) Now open
 using Uc Browser.
10) You will see a proxy page will open.
11) Now enter your address (site) in that page and click on go button.
NOTE:- Data pack is required only for installation of Uc Browser. After its installation no data pack or any balance is required. Keep your balance less than 0.10 paisa while using this trick.
Download + Browsing limit is 100 mb per day.
EnJoy free airtel 3G in your Android phone..

Note: Don”t use more than 150 MB/day..
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