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Aircel is now offering free internet to its Aircel users where they can get 1GB 2G /3G data for 3 months or it can get free Aircel Free Internet 1GB 2G /3G Per Month for 3 Months. So Aircel users will get total of 3G Free Internet on their android device. And the given data depends on Android device, if you have 3G Supported android device then you will 1GB 3G free internet Per Month for 3 Month else you will get 1 GB 2G free internet per month for 3 months. Note – Aircel Free Internet is Valid only for Selected Android device only. But you may try once. Might be work ! How to Get the Free Aircel Internet on your Android Device – 1. First of all head to message section and write a message – PREMIUM and send to 121 2. You will get a reply from Aircel as Below – ‘Thank you for choosing Aircel on your New Device, we will offer Special benefits as per eligibility, during this time please do not change your handset to activate this offer" 3. Done!! If you are eligible for Aircel Free Internet than you will get Free 1 GB 2G /3G Free Aircel Internet Per Month For 3 Months. 4. After 48 – 72 of waiting you will be get like as below – “Congratulations on your new Device and choosing Aircel Services, Your Special offer has been provisioned!” OR “Congratulations on your new phone & choosing Aircel Service. Your free offer of 3GB data per month for 3 months has been provisioned”. 5. Else You will get a sms as below – “Sorry! It seems this promotion is not available on your device. Please call customer services to know more”. Eligibility – 1) This offer would be run for Aircel Prepaid customers who come to Aircel network on the defined Handset Models. 2) This offer will be applicable for Existing as well as NEW subscribers who come to Aircel network on a New Device. 3) The customer will need to send an SMS to 121 within 3 days of activation of a New SIM or Inserting of Existing SIM on the New Device, to get the benefits. Terms & Conditions – • Offer applicable only to Prepaid subscribers of Aircel. • Data offered under this promotion is unified 2G/3G. Aircel services in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh are 2G hence data benefits will apply to 2G networks only. In other circles 3G benefits can be availed, except cities and places where Aircel’s operations are ICR based. • Offer valid on both existing and new Aircel subscribers who use Aircel’s SIM on a selected models only. It is mandatory to have a new specified Device only for availing the free offer. • The free benefits will be permanently revoked if device is changed mid of promo period.Customers are advised not to use their Aircel SIM in other devices for continuity of free offer. • To avail the offer subscribers are required to SMS to 121 within 3 days of activation / inserting Aircel SIM in the new device to get the benefits. • Eligible customers will get the applicable benefits which are part of the plan voucher selected by the customer. • Benefits applicable only in circles where Aircel is present. Benefits only applicable on Aircel network Benefits not applicable in Roaming • This is a limited period offer and all rights of service are reserved with Aircel and this promotion can be changed or stopped without any prior intimation. • The offer will be given to 1 SIM and 1 IMEI, only once in the lifetime. So, if a new activated Aircel SIM is put in an eligible device where the offer has already been redeemed on that device using some other SIM then this new SIM will also not get the offer. Similarly vice versa, if a SIM has already got an offer once and it is put in a New Unused Eligible Device then also the customer will not get the offer
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