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Airtel Free Internet Trick Via Troid Vpn 2017

Airtel Free Internet Trick Via Troid Vpn.

Troid Vpn is a much much better vpn than Droid Vpn in terms of speed. It does not have any disconnection problem. No need to signup an account in troid vpn. Its very simple to use.
*) Limit = 150 mb per day.
*) Free Server Godzilla 2 is preferred.
*) Use on zero balance.
*) Use it on Default Airtel Internet or Mobile Office settings.
1) Download troid vpn from here
2) Follow the screen shots:-
3) Click on advanced and tick use proxy for TCP connection, then follow screen shot.
3) Click on Save button and then press connect.
4) Wait for few seconds and you will be connected.
Now simply minimize it and use other apps.
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