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Vodafone launches 'Every Recharge Wins' for pre- paid customers

India's second largest private telecom operator
Vodafone India on Tuesday launched a new
initiative exclusively for it's close to 160 million
pre-paid customers.
The largest nationwide initiative till date, 'Every
Recharge wins is an offer true to its word as it
awards each customer an assured prize, making
every recharging customer a winner, Vodafone said
in a release.
Starting July 24, 2014, every Vodafone pre-paid
customer who does any prepaid recharge like top
ups, bonus cards, plan vouchers in any of the
modes (retail outlets, Vodafone Stores, Online or
M-Pesa) will be entitled to an assured reward in the
form of free additional voice minutes, internet or
These benefits would be over and above normal
benefits that the customer gets for that recharge.
The benefits would be awarded to the customers
within a span of 4 hours of recharge, it said.
The size of the reward would be linked to the value
of the recharge resulting in bigger rewards for
higher recharge values, thus making it an
interesting value proposition.

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